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Basic Fall Trends

Basic Fall Trends
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There are always those generic fall fashion colours; black, green, red, etc. but have you ever thought about stepping out of that fall comfort zone and wearing some brighter colours! It can be stressful, but don’t worry we’re here to help, since the best way to add these bright colours to your look is definitely through your shoes. Here are some ideas of where to start when trying the bright coloured shoe look for fall!

Tip #1: Yellow is in! When you walk into your favourite store, you have probably noticed lots of yellow, which is an interesting colour for fall since it is so bright. However we say, embrace it! We suggest trying out our beige Lexie loafers! These loafers are extremely comfortable, and they are closed to so they will keep that cool fall air away from your toes. You can pair these with a pair of blue jeans, as well as a  yellow sweater or jacket to give you a super bright, unexpected look for fall!

Tip #2: Add some height to your everyday look! Whether its heeled boots or even the classic high heel, there are always lots of people wearing heeled looks during the fall season, since you are trying some bright coloured shoes, why not add a heel too! Trying out our Becky wedges is our best suggestion! Our wedges come in lots of bright colours, but also colours you can easily pair with classic fall looks, which are pink, white and rose. As well, since our shoes are wedges, they will not be as uncomfortable and will allow you to get all those fall activities done with no pain or blisters. They are also super cute and will give you a feminine touch to your outfit. We suggest pairing these with a cute denim dress or top to give you the unique bright shoes with the classic denim attire.  

Tip #3: Comfort is key! When it comes to picking the right bright shoe, comfort is extremely important. You want to have shoes that are super cute and bright, however they need to be super comfortable so your feet don’t start hurting halfway through the day. Our shoes are known for their comfort, so you should definitely try them out! Try rocking a pair of our Trixie sneakers with a cute pair of leggings, a basic top, and a super cute fall jacket to make an adorable fall look!

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to break out of that basic fall style and try something new! By using these tips you will definitely win fall fashion this season. Our shoes are definitely a good place to look for those bright staple shoes, so I would recommend checking out our Lexie loafers, Becky wedges and Trixie sneakers online to get the cutest fall shoes before the season is over!


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