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Bubblegums stylishly pair with any type of look

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Who has time these days to switch in and out of multiple outfits to meet the needs of your social calendar?  Most of us are lucky if we remember to bring our gym bag to work, knowing full well that a trip home to grab our Nikes will more than likely result in just staying home to order take out and catch up on Netflix.

But spending time with our besties and partners, even on those super hectic days, is non-negotiable and definitely not something that you want to cancel last minute just because you have to go home and change.  In fact, most of us can manage to throw a t-shirt or casual skirt in our handbag for later but an extra pair of shoes are a little more difficult to tote around all day.

One of the best things about your stylish, comfortable Bubblegum jelly shoes is that they are so versatile and can easily take your look from workday chic to nighttime fun.  If you follow our Instagram feed, you’ll see fun styling tips  to show how our jellies work perfectly with a few different looks.

Maddie Moccasins

These bright, stylish jellies are our“go with everything” shoe so it’s not a surprise that they literally, well, go with everything.  When you see them on our website, it’s easy to see them pairing up beautifully (and oh so comfortably) with your professional wardrobe.  Need neutrals?  We got you covered with black, white and nude.  But you can make your sleek black suit really pop with the gorgeous bordeaux or royal blue.

But what about after hours?  Trust us, these stylish jelly shoes are so comfortable, you won’t want to kick these off at the end of the day.  Take a look at this perfect date night ensemble with the Maddies in basic black.  

It’s easy to imagine slipping out of your suit and into this adorable leather skirt and meeting your new crush for drinks on Friday night.   And Sunday morning brunch with the girls will be a piece of cake, even if you overslept.  Your Bordeaux Maddies will look casually adorable with jeans, a cute top and messy bun.

Daisey flats

But the Maddies aren’t the only Bubblegum shoes to give you all-day style.  Our popular Daisey flats are so chic with their pointed toe and patent leather appearance that they can also pair beautifully with a range of styles.  

They will, of course, go with any number of dresses or more formal outfits in your wardrobe, like this sophisticated little dress - just the perfect outfit for a work event or #WineWednesday with the girls.

Surprisingly, the comfortable Gracies are also a great shoe for just handing out  - even a beach day. (Why not?  They are so easy to clean!)  With this look, you can hit the beach with your friends and then even grab a cocktail at that hip little bar after a day in the sand.

As with all our Bubblegums, these shoes are about making you feel beautiful and happy, no matter what you are doing.  We hope that you will check out our whole collection and pick out the ones you love so that you can wear them stylishly with all your favorite outfits.


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