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Foot Care and Fabulous Shoes

Foot Care and Fabulous Shoes
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For some reason we forget to take care of our feet, even though we walk all day! It is important to treat your feet, so your fabulous shoes will look even better!

We believe that pretty shoes need beautiful healthy feet so we selected the video above and an extra 4 tips for DIY foot care. 

Also, at Bubblegum Shoes we believe that your feet should be stylish yet comfy and that comfort should not forgo fashion. Our shoes are both comfortable yet fashionable. The jelly material makes the shoes so comfy. 

5 tips for Summer Foot Care

1) Put sunscreen on your feet!  Don't forget to protect your feet!  So many people end up with sun burnt feet because sunscreen didn't quite make it down that far. Especially with our fun designs we want to make sure you do not get a detailed sun burn. 

2) Head off blisters. Sandals can cause blisters on your feet when they rub against bare skin. If you feel a blister coming on use a band aid to protect it. Our shoes fit a little bit bigger so your feet will not be rubbing against the sides and causing blisters.

3) Give your feet some air.  Sandals or open-toed shoes are better for air circulation in the summer. Take your shoes off periodically throughout the day so your feet can air out. Our shoes have intricate designs that allow your feet to air out.

4) Wear the right shoes for the activity. Certain activities, such as boating, rock climbing, and other sports require specific types of shoes for optimal foot health and safety. Plan ahead and bring appropriate footwear.




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