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Love your Lexie Loafers with cute looks for late fall!

Bubblegum Shoes Lexie Loafer Stylish comfortable jelly shoes
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By November, most of us have broken out our fall wardrobe and are reunited with old favorites like soft, oversized sweaters, knits in glorious colors and heavier winter shoes.  Although it’s come back into style these last few seasons, the loafer has gotten a bad rap as being a boring shoe, dependable and comfortable but boring.  Trust us, there is nothing boring about our stylish, comfortable Lexie Loafer.


The Lexie Loafer is a surprisingly versatile shoe.  These stylish, comfortable jelly shoes may look a little more serious than some of our other styles but you can bring plenty of colorful fun to any outfit!

Loaf at Work

Whether you are a nurse who’s on your feet all day or an office employee sitting on your lovely booty most of the day, you want to be comfortable at work.  Most loafers meet the minimum level of comfort, but our jelly version cranks up the comfort level to an 11 while also being unique and stylish.  You can wear stylish jelly shoes with many different work styles. 

The Lexie loafer is a great way to be stylish at work without being flashy – or violating any dress code policies you might have (regarding open toed shoes or heel height).  Fashion forward and ridiculously comfortable, our stylish jelly loafer will be one you will reach for morning after morning when scrambling to head out the door.

Loafers and wide leg trousers

Whether cropped or long, your Lexis will pair perfectly with this popular fall wardrobe staple.

Lexi Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes (


 Lookastic Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes(


Loafers and skinny pants

Loafers and a skinny pair of trousers is a very sharp look, no doubt about it.  You will look like a Boss in pairing your Lexie loafers with your favorite work skinnies.

Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes pinterest (

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes Lookastic(


Loafers and suits

Nothing says getting down to business like a well cut suit (or suiting separates) and your stylish jelly loafers will bring a touch of the unexpected to this very traditional fall work outfit.  This look may be a business staple, but your stylish, comfortable jellies in Bubblegum’s assortment of colors will let everyone know that these aren’t your boyfriend’s loafers. 

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes

We loaf the nightlife

Who doesn’t love a day-to-night look?  You might want to lose the blazer and pantyhose but the Lexi Loafer can go from classic to club cool when you want to meet up for drinks after hours.  For even more fun, choose a matching or contrasting bright color denim to pair with your stylish, comfortable Lexie jellies.

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes vogue italia(

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes Gigi Hadid Pinterest(

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes

Lexies on the Weekend

Night looks are all about dressing to impress while the perfect weekend look is about kicking back.  The Lexie Loafers can definitely set the right mood while kicking up your “bed hair, don’t care” a notch.  You can slip on your Lexies when meeting your BFF for brunch in your slouchy sweater and boyfriend jeans, meeting mom for shopping or cheering on your alma mater in your old college hoodie and soft leggings. 

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes navy and pink(


 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes Pinterest(


 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes Pinterest(

Weekend on your time to relax and recharge and you shouldn’t be overly aware of what you have on your feet – and that’s the point.  Let the Lexi Loafer walk you into weekend comfort.

Skirting your loafers

There’s something adorably old school about a cute wool or cotton skirt and a pair of loafers.  But just because your nana may have rocked this look back in the day, doesn’t mean it isn’t still just as fresh and fun.  With your stylish, comfortable Lexi Loafer, you can give a little pizazz to this timeless look.

Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes

 Lexie Loafers Bubblegum shoes stylish comfortable jelly shoes Pinterest(

Whether you are out on the town, chillin’ on Saturday or stuck at your desk all week, your comfortable Lexie Loafers will keep your fall wardrobe stylish.  They come in Bordeaux, Black, Beige and Yellow and can pair up with most things in your closet.  If you join the Bubblegum Shoes email list, you will find out about all the hot deals first and get 10% off your next purchase.  Flavor your fall with the Lexie Loafer!


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