Q & A With Danielle Hassan Co Founder of Bubblegum Shoes

Bubblegum Shoes was created by the mother-daughter duo of Janny Adler and Danielle Hassan. When they saw how popular jellies were in Brazil they knew they had to bring the hot look to the United States.

The brains behind Bubblegum Shoes gives us a look at her journey to creating Bubblegum Shoes.

What inspired you to start Bubblegum Shoes?

I always had a secret affair with fashion! I loved watching fashion shows, reading magazines and I even thought about going to fashion school! I wanted to create a brand with fun and stylish shoes that were comfortable for any occasion. Brazilian shoes are know to be of  great quality. All of the Brazillian qualities were the perfect combination for the brand. 
What do you take inspiration from on a daily basis?
I read lots of articles and book about entrepreneurship and stories of successfull professionals in all areas. Their failures and successes make me want to overcome every challenge I encounter.
How do you come up with new styles and colors?
I look at high end magazines like Vogue, Net A Porter as well as fashion and lifestyle bloggers.
What makes Bubblegum Shoes so comfortable?
They're made of PVC or plastic silicone which makes them soft and flexible.
What did you do before Bubblegum Shoes launched?
I studied economics and marketing at California State Northridge. I did some internships in marketing and worked in my family business in Brazil.

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