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Signature Shoe For Fall: Lexie Loafer

Signature Shoe For Fall: Lexie Loafer
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It’s officially Fall! A time for cool weather, pumpkin spice lattes and cute fall fashion. Since it's getting colder we want to stay nice and warm, but also look super cute while doing it. Which is why our essential shoe for the fall is our Lexie Loafer. They are comfortable and will make your outfits look cuter! 

First, we have the classic brunch look. Brunches are a super cute way to get together with friends and have some delicious food. When going to brunch, you need the perfect outfit. We went with a jumper paired with our Lexie Loafers which is a very comfortable shoe, but can also look really dressy with the right look.

With our bright colour option it will also make you stand out. The loafer come in bordeaux, black, beige and yellow. The jumper will also be a cute alternative to the classic brunch dress. The loafers will be a staple piece to your brunch look!

Next, we have a basic look for work. Working long hours each day can be extremely tiring, but these shoes will keep you on your feet all day long! We decided to pair these with a cute fall dress. These shoes can easily coordinate with any dress and give it an interesting new style instead of a traditional work heel.

They are also comfortable so your feet won’t hurt halfway through your work day. Wearing the right dress will also allow the shoes to stand out. By wearing this outfit, your look will be the talk of the break room.

Finally, we have a look for a classic fall activity; apple picking! Apple picking is a super fun thing to do during the fall season, and if you are planning to take pictures to remember this fall memory, you are going to want the right outfit. For apple picking we chose to pair our loafers with a cute sweater and jeans. When it comes to apple picking, there is always a lot of walking, so you need to wear the right shoes.

Our Lexie loafers are comfortable but also flexible, so that your feet won’t begin to hurt while you pick apples. They also have cute design that will coordinate with any outfit. A comfy pair of jeans would be perfect with a super cute sweater to top it all off. The apples won’t only taste amazing, but you will look amazing!

Our Lexie Loafers are the perfect shoe for the fall season. Fall shoes need to be comfy, cute, flexible and easy to coordinate with all of your outfits, and this shoe definitely checks off all those boxes! Check out our Lexie Loafers, only $63.00!


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