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Spring/Summer 2020 Trends

Spring/Summer 2020 Trends
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We just had the NYFW this month, now we are all excited to see which trends are coming this Spring/Summer 2020. I have compiled some of the 50 images provided by Harper Bazaar to see which shoes we have in collection that are the best fit for your #ootd after the Holiday season. 

Let's all agree that bows are the cutest detail we can have on a shoe. These Halpern heels are chic, elegant and feminine! Our Becky Wedges  have the comfort you need in a pair of heel! They are your perfect wedges that can be worn with a pair of shorts with a top or a cute floral dress!

Who doesn't love feeling comfortable on a busy day? Flat sandals are still in with full force! These Coach 1941 sandals show us how designers are keeping trends and introducing new shapes or materials. Also, nautical vibes are coming this Spring/Summer and you don't have to miss on this trend with our Gracie Sandals


Sneakers became a permanent trend (for now) and our feet are thankful! The best part is how versatile they became over time they can be worn with any outfit at any time of the year. Pair our Trixie Sneakers with a polka dot dress, which are also a big coming trend according to


Image credits: Harpers Bazaar/Getty Images


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