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Summer to Fall Shoe Transition

Summer to Fall Shoe Transition
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We're sad that summer is coming to and end, but we are so excited about fall pumpkin spice lattes and pretty leaves! That means that some of your favorite summer clothing will go to the back of the closet, but we got some ideas on how to transition fashion into fall.

The answer is layering clothing, because that is the easiest way to wear summer pieces. You can definitely wear a summer dress with a cute cardigan, or a long sleeve sweater and shorts. 

The good news is that choosing the right shoes are the easiest part of getting dressed for the fall! As you can make them work with almost anything. Take our Grace slingbacks, they will bring those vacay vibes with you into fall by pairing them with shorts and long sleeves.


Our Lexie and Maddie Loafers can be worn with summer dresses with a cute jean or leather jacket or can be worn with jeans and a blazer. That way you won't get chilly after sundown. 


Our Trixie Sneakers can be worn into the fall until there is snow on the ground. They look good with shorts, rompers, jeans and even skirts, making the perfect outfit for a movie night. 

Our Daisey Flats can be worn also until the snow hits the ground with the open foot detailing. They could be worn with a dress and cute jacket for a taco Tuesday with friends. 

 How will you wear your favorite summer clothing during fall? Share your tips the comments below!!



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