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The Perfect Halloween Shoe

The Perfect Halloween Shoe
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Halloween is almost here, this means it's time to find the perfect costume to wear! There’s so many things you can be, but sometimes you can’t  find the perfect costume right in your closet! We all have that one thing in our closet that can work with every costume, for us that is our Becky Wedges! These shoes will look good with any outfit, as well they are cute and comfy making them the perfect shoe for halloween. Let’s check out some examples!

First the most obvious thing you can be is the classic black cat. For this outfit, you can pair our black Becky Wedges with a black dress or a black top and leggings to get the black cat look, and you can’t forget the staple cat ears, tail and eyeliner whiskers! Our wedges will pair perfect with this look since they are very simplistic looking and all black, as well the little gold in the bow will give the look a cute touch. Our shoes are also very comfortable so you can be a cat on the prowl all night long!

The second look is a 50’s sock hop girl! For this look, all you need is the classic poodle skirt, as well as a white top and a matching bandanna and scrunchie to finish it off. Heels are also essential to this outfit, but why worry about the pain and struggles of walking in them when you can wear our Becky Wedges instead! Our wedges will be a unique alternative to the outfit and the bow will look adorable with the overall look, as well, our comfort will let you let you have tons of fun, without the blisters!

FInally, we have a ballerina costume. For this, all you will need is a nude or pink tank/top, and a cute tutu! Being a ballerina, you are always on your toes, so why force your feet to do it, when you can just wear our wedges! With this look, wedges will keep you dancing, but not hurt your feet. The shoes will also be a cool alteration to a classic costume!

So as you can see, our becky wedges can pair perfectly with any costume you want to wear halloween night. The shoes are super comfy, and really stylish as well! So if you are looking for the perfect shoe to finish off your halloween costume, check out our Becky wedges, only $56.00!


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