About Us

When they saw how the popularity of jellies skyrocketed in their native Brazil, the mother-daughter duo of Janny Adler and Danielle Hassan knew they had to bring this hot look to the United States.

They had a background in the fashion business importing garments accessories which allowed them to stay on top of trends in fashion. Although they hadn’t yet dipped their toes in the shoe biz, once they saw the growing market in Brazil for the jelly shoes among all ages and types of women, they just knew there was something unique about them, something that wasn’t yet on the market in the U.S.

The ladies of Bubblegum Shoes aim to inspire the playful, feminine free spirit in all women to through their exuberant and colorful shoes. Whether you are a high flying career gal with a latte in one hand and your iphone the other or a Snapchat loving high school girl, there is a perfect pair of comfortable Bubblegum Shoes to suit your lifestyle. According to Danielle, “Our customers are, and will always be, our inspiration to grow and make a pair of Bubblegum Shoes look even better by sharing pictures and fun ways to wear them.”