Shoe Care

There are many reasons we love jelly shoes but here’s a very practical one: they are so easy to clean! When we girls make an investment in a durable comfort shoe, we want to keep the colors bright and untarnished by scuffs and marks. Maintaining the cleanliness of your shoes will help you keep that polished, pulled together look wherever you may be going.


Here are some tips and tricks from the good people at on how to clean your new pair of Bubblegum Shoes:
"1. If the problem is just dirt or dried grass, then shower gel will work perfectly. I can
personally attest to using this technique.
2. For more sunken in, discoloring stains, try baking soda and a little bit of water.
3. Believe it or not, some bloggers suggest using an eraser to clean jelly
sandals. Because of the smooth texture of the sandal, this could be the perfect fix.
4. Detergent is another great household product to try. Just make sure you don't go
with bleach, which could eat away at the shoe, according to How to Clean Stuff.
5. Grab everything that you need for your morning tooth-brushing and get to
6. This is also a popular shoe-cleaning item. You'd be surprised what these little
sponges can do.
7. If all else fails, try using this wonder product. Not only will it make your shoes
shine, but it will eliminate any nasty odor it might have."